Jeździectwo Naturalne Bez Tajemnic
Hippika - Natural Horsemanship

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To do or not to do foals imprint training?
Foals early learning dr Robert Miller is more and more popular after 35 years of experience in thousands. What we can achieve, where is a risk, how does it impact future trainings, to do or not to do? You can find answers in our article.
dodano: 05.03.2019
Horse digestive tract
There is a lot of mysterys about proper horse feeding. What a different is beetwen our nad horse digestive tracts?
dodano: 05.03.2019
Winter JNBT training camp
Winter training camp for riders starts 12 of January. It will be located south of Poland in the mountain in Karpacz. We will have great facilities with inside training arena and wonderfull trail riding surroundings. Welcome!
dodano: 01.01.2019
How to choose a bit article in Horse Planet
How to choose a bit is one of the most important question what every rider should answer himself. A lot of information could be helpfull in serie of articles in Horse Planet magazine is written by Andrzej Makacewicz JNBT Academy master.
dodano: 08.12.2018
Marocco adventure for JNBT students
We had a great time riding 6-7 hours every day and watching beauty of Marocans ocean coast. Fun, education, riding on berber and arab horses, galloping on the wild beaches -unforgetable. Next target - wonders of SAHARA in Marcg 2019.
dodano: 08.12.2018
Phenomenon of imprinting
See film about imprinted Lemon Tree! How fascinating is to watch an imprinted foal grow!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Level 3 in Sanok
Level 3 training is focused on how to gain leadership for your horse and achieve lightness on the bit.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Relations first!
See JNBT Team 4* trainer Ola Najman and Hidi !
dodano: 25.10.2018
Level 6 tricks on the ranch
Level 6 is about how to teach your horse trikcs. All participating students had enjoy great trust and respect achived during trainings at levels 1, 2 and 3 and were ready for this level.
dodano: 25.10.2018
How to teach your horse trics! Trics are fun but you should have a good relations with your horse to start such a training.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Dlaczego koń zachowuje się lepiej z jednym człowiekiem niż drugim?

Tamasine Smith, SNH RPA
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6-13.03 Maroko, SAHARA, (full)

15-17.03 L2 Sanok

17.03 Equestrian Conference-The Bits Wieliczka

18.03 Imprinting Kraków (film)

21.03 Advanced Stops Sanok

22-24.03 L3 Kraków

22-24.03 L1 Nowa Sól

22-23.03 L3+ Warsztaty,Cisna

24.03 Advanced Stops Cisna

29-31.03 L1 Kraków

6.04 Imprinting Leszno,Wolsztyn (film)

7.04 Belgium, Panhof

12-14.04 L2 Pilchowo,Szczecin

25.04 Trailer Loading Wrocław (film)

26-28.04 L1 Wrocław 

26-28.04 L3 Świnoujście

26-28.04 L1 Białystok

26-28.04 L1 Buch bei Frauenfeld, Schweiz (film)

29.04-1.05 L1 Hochwald, Schweiz (film) 

3-5.05 L2 Staszów, świętokrzyskie 

10-12.05 L3 Łagów,lubuskie

17-19.05 L4 Bielsko Biała

24-26.05 L3 Białystok

24-26.05 L1 Gdańsk

31.05-1.06 Hippotherapy horses training Szczecin

2.06 Imprinting Pilchowo, Szczecin (film)

15-16.06 Extreme Trail Mrozów, dlnś

20-23.06 Wild Horses, roundup and start up (film)

28-30.06 L2 Wrocław

1.07 Double lunging, Wrocław

 Summer Camps 2019

29.06-06.07  L0 kids camp (film)

29.06-06.07  L1 kids and juniors

06-13.07 L2 juniors (film)

13-20.07 L3/4 juniors (film)

20-27.07  L4/L5 juniors

3-10.08  L1/L5 adults

15-17.08 L3 Wrocław

18.08 Balance and Sit, Wrocław (film)

30.08-1.09 I European Colt Starting Championship, Karpacz  (film 2018)



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