Jeździectwo Naturalne Bez Tajemnic
Hippika - Natural Horsemanship

JNBT Academy courses MB dressage
JNBT Academy in Janow Podlaski
Janów Podlaski is a major worldwide well known arabian horses breeding center. JNBT Horsemanship Academy start with series of courses at THK Janow college.
dodano: 14.01.2018
Wild Colts Start Up clinic
How to start wild colt? In 3 days JNBT Academy students get great humility lesson.
dodano: 14.01.2018
Wild horses roundup
There was 380 wild horses! Fascinating adventure!
dodano: 14.01.2018
Wild Horses Roundup and Wild Colts Start Up adventure
Starving for horseback adventure? We have in Poland bigest in Europe wild horses herd . 4 days exiting adventure in rounduping and starting wild horses!
dodano: 27.08.2017
Considering the Horse 2017 trophy goes to ....Italy!
Considering the Horse 2017 trophy goes to ....Italy! Marco Pagliai is the new Champion!
dodano: 27.08.2017
Considering the Horse 2017, 18-20.08 south Poland
South of Poland, 18-20.08 in Karpacz we invite all riders, horse breeders and just animal lovers for most unique eight edition event Considering the Horse. Three european trainers will challenge in colt starting on 3 roundpens. Emotions, learning, fun, shows, presentations , on-line presentation from USA, horses, dogs and other animals. All about how horses and other animals learn.
dodano: 06.07.2017
Wild Horses Roundup and Start Up adventure
Starving for horseback adventure? We have in Poland bigest in Europe wild horses herd . 4 days exiting adventure in rounduping and starting wild horses!
dodano: 24.05.2017
New workshops in Academy program
New workshops are available in Academy program this year. Advanced Stops and Flying Change, one day workshops give you a chance to raise your skills far ahead. Why? Lectures, practicing from the ground and saddle work plus strenght of JNBT Academy Relation Based Program speed up horse and rider development.
dodano: 24.05.2017
Gold for Geronimo braves
Geronimo Team trained by JNBT won double gold on National Expo in Poznań. Two stallions from Geronimo center were judged best in 2 days competition. Congratulations!
dodano: 24.05.2017
Kids and juniors summer camps
We have four summer riding camps for kids and juniors in July. Full of riding, fun and enjoying of natur.
dodano: 06.02.2017
Nieważne "co" się robi, ale "jak " się robi. Alois Podhajsky

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Program and clinics

 JNBT Academy 2019 Program

JNBT Academy program (film)

JNBT Academy program (download ppt)

  Colt starting and correction training  

Balance and natural seat workshops 

Trailer Loading workshops

Foals Imprint Training

Double lunging

Bit Fitting workshops

Clinics and courses 2019

6-13.03 Maroko, SAHARA, (full)

15-17.03 L2 Sanok

17.03 Equestrian Conference-The Bits Wieliczka

18.03 Imprinting Kraków (film)

21.03 Advanced Stops Sanok

22-24.03 L3 Kraków

22-24.03 L1 Nowa Sól

22-23.03 L3+ Warsztaty,Cisna

24.03 Advanced Stops Cisna

29-31.03 L1 Kraków

6.04 Imprinting Leszno,Wolsztyn (film)

7.04 Belgium, Panhof

12-14.04 L2 Pilchowo,Szczecin

25.04 Trailer Loading Wrocław (film)

26-28.04 L1 Wrocław 

26-28.04 L3 Świnoujście

26-28.04 L1 Białystok

26-28.04 L1 Buch bei Frauenfeld, Schweiz (film)

29.04-1.05 L1 Hochwald, Schweiz (film) 

3-5.05 L2 Staszów, świętokrzyskie 

10-12.05 L3 Łagów,lubuskie

17-19.05 L4 Bielsko Biała

24-26.05 L3 Białystok

24-26.05 L1 Gdańsk

31.05-1.06 Hippotherapy horses training Szczecin

2.06 Imprinting Pilchowo, Szczecin (film)

15-16.06 Extreme Trail Mrozów, dlnś

20-23.06 Wild Horses, roundup and start up (film)

28-30.06 L2 Wrocław

1.07 Double lunging, Wrocław

 Summer Camps 2019

29.06-06.07  L0 kids camp (film)

29.06-06.07  L1 kids and juniors

06-13.07 L2 juniors (film)

13-20.07 L3/4 juniors (film)

20-27.07  L4/L5 juniors

3-10.08  L1/L5 adults

15-17.08 L3 Wrocław

18.08 Balance and Sit, Wrocław (film)

30.08-1.09 I European Colt Starting Championship, Karpacz  (film 2018)



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Exercising JNBT at Liberty film

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