Jeździectwo Naturalne Bez Tajemnic
Hippika - Natural Horsemanship

JNBT Academy courses MB dressage
Level 2 on the Baltic coast
Canter on the beach is an amazing story for our students!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Level 2 in Sanok - going through Sanok river
Sanok river is not for the beginers!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Winter Camp
One week training on sport cutting AQH horses.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Happy New Year!
JNBT Horsemanship Academy Team wishing you Happy New Year !
dodano: 14.01.2018
Janow Podlaski horses and people
One of the important course in THK Janow Podlaski was about modern horses training metods. Why we human have so much problems with training horses?
dodano: 14.01.2018
JNBT Academy in Janow Podlaski
Janów Podlaski is a major worldwide well known arabian horses breeding center. JNBT Horsemanship Academy start with series of courses at THK Janow college.
dodano: 14.01.2018
Wild Colts Start Up clinic
How to start wild colt? In 3 days JNBT Academy students get great humility lesson.
dodano: 14.01.2018
Największą siłą człowieka jest jego delikatność.

Monty Roberts
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