Jeździectwo Naturalne Bez Tajemnic
Hippika - Natural Horsemanship

JNBT Academy courses MB dressage
Considering the Horse 2018
Considering the Horse is a colt starting challenge. 3 days, 3 trainers on 3 roundpens compete with starting colts.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Vert - new product in our shop
Vert is an flex angle control unit. Easy and safe can help you to train without hyperflexion!
dodano: 25.10.2018
JNBT juniors camp
JNBT Horsemanship juniors show the best na summer camps!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Horses on the JNBT colt starting challenge Considering the Horse!
We are producer of the European colt starting Challnge Considering the Horse. For last 9 years we present with best famous world class trainers colt starting techniques. And horses are beauty byt not easy!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Maroco Atlantic Ocean trail
Join us on the worldwide horse trails! We will ride on the Maroco Atlantic coast enjoying berberian horses.
dodano: 25.10.2018
Our dogs day!
Happiest JNBT Team dogs!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Wild horses - colts start up
To start a wild colt is an adrenaline what you have to control!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Wild, wild horses roundup
To roundup wild horses you need to be a good rider. But to start wild colts is an university level experience!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Happy Mothers Day!
Happy Day to all Moms!
dodano: 25.10.2018
Wcale nie twierdzę, że się nie ściemni, zanim nastanie świt.

Buck Brannaman o zajeżdżaniu młodych koni
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