Jeździectwo Naturalne Bez Tajemnic
Hippika - Natural Horsemanship
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- Ladislav Sinkovic - Ladi - Małopolska

Ladislav Laszlo Sinkovic Jr. - Ladi - Małopolska


Horses. Who cannot love them. Even though if one is afraid, one would for sure have a respect for them and a deep longing for mutual understanding. Gorgeous, gracious animals a combination of strength, speed and beauty. From deep in my heart I am truly happy that horses are part of my life.

I t all started in 2005, the year that I first came to Poland. When I arrived, I did not know a single word in Polish. As I had manageable free time I wanted to devote myself to things that I love, so I decided to go for a horse riding lesson. I cannot recall that I was sitting on a horse before I started to take lessons, nor was I aware how horse riding will change my life! Little did I know then that horses will change my professional and private life ;-)

Mostly, a small village with a dozen of  houses, a single cross road and a traffic light that does not work as there is no need. Turn right on a dusty road and in the fifth house lived a lovely lady with a big smile and even a bigger heart. She was my first horse riding instructor for which I will always be grateful to her. Not only did she know how to explain and teach, but she also spoke no foreign language, only Polish. Later on this proved as an advantage as while sitting bare back on a horse with a polish dictionary hanging around my neck, my first words in Polish were "łydka", "pięta w dół", "wodze" and "wędzidło". I rode a lot those days, sometimes even going on ridding tours that were over 150km stretching over several days. I have loved ridding from the first moment I sat on the horse. Horsemanship, I believe is one of the most difficult sport discipline you can master as you have to cooperate and communicate with another living being which has its on character, temper and they also have their better and worse days, just as we humans do. Horse is not just a ‘racket' that you take to play. It was in 2005 that I first saw a horseman ridding with a halter only . No bit, no metal. It looked amazing, effortless, clear and light. It made an enormous impression on me and the image stuck for the years to come. I believe, he was a "home-made" horseman who had little knowledge about natural horsemanship, but had a fair hand and an enormous understanding for the horses. Many years later I will hear Richard Winters say on one of his clinics: "gentle as possible, firm as necessary".

After my ridding skills as well as my polish skills developed I decided to take a next step and joined 12 Puk Ułanów Podolskich. A Polish cavalry unit with a group of people who were cultivating the culture and tradition of polish calvary. As I intended to advance in the ranks, I have also successfully completed a first level course in " Centrum Wyszkolenia Kawalerii Ochotniczej" w Toporzysku were I learnt more about horses and about discipline and honour from inspirational people who are working hard to bring back the lost knowledge about the history of polish cavalry.

 It was not until 2010 that I attended my first JNBT course with Andrzej Makacewicz. As with most of us, it happened to me thanks to my horse with whom I had a broken relationship and a chronic mis-communication. At one point it was either I sell my horse and quit ridding, or change something. Change came through JNBT, which opened my eyes and changed me for the better, for which I will always be grateful to Andrzej. Today, I still ride my horse in Cracow, and I am glad I kept him.

Ever since I joined JNBT school, I am an active participant in its development where I have undergone numerous courses and worked with hundreds of horses, including wild stallions. I have also attended courses and clinics outside JNBT with some of well known horsemen such as Buck Brannaman, Richard Winters, Gyula Meszaros and Reiner Schelbert as well as a famous olympic gold medalist in classical riding Isabell  Werth. My path with horses allowed me to master necessary skills of self-confidence, body language and proper communication. I came to realize that developing a balanced relationship between the horses&men is the only way to make being with these beautiful animals inspirational, enjoyable and safe. Learning from different famous people in Poland and abroad, allowed me to understand that regardless of the approach, it is always the horse who will tell us, if the practice we use is the right way. It is up to us to learn the horses way, and we cannot and should not expect, nor force the horse to learn our way.

I am proud that since 2014 I have also become an official lecturer and trainer of the JNBT school. Seeing my students smile (sometimes with happy tears ;-) while standing next to their calm horses with relaxed half-closed eyes, keeps my heart warm and my motivation high not only to continue to share my knowledge but also to learn and learn and learn even more... as it is only, in my belief, through our own self development that we can establish a proper balanced friendship with horses based on mutual trust and understanding. Something we all desire.


Kraków, MałopolskaPS.

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You have to give a horse a reason to change. You have to allow him to get scared so he can find out he doesn't need to be scared.
Musisz koniowi dać powód do zmiany. Musisz pozwolić mu się przestraszyć, aby mógł się dowiedzieć, że wcale nie musi się bać.

Craig Cameron